Christmas Wish

As we fly headfirst into this crazy time of year I really wanted to know what some of my favourite people are looking forward to doing over these summer holidays. There are so many wonderful, interesting and talented ladies out there doing fun things and leading up to the big day some of these ladies will be sharing with us their dream post-christmas.

xmas-dream-_jane-copyAs I mentioned, Ive recently renovated a little beach house down the coast, if I could live there I would. This summer (if it ever arrives – hello melbourne?) will be the first in the house and I cannot wait. Everyone needs to relax, unwind and recharge, and as much as I adore christmas and the traditions that surround it, I am never one to say no to a beach holiday, a cocktail and good lie down. My absolute dream break is to lay by the beach, drink something pink & enjoy time with my family. Ill be floating around in light summery dresses and popping in to some quaint little shops and cluttering my new shack to the brim! Re arranging the furniture, eating too much bbq’d food & then doing it all again the next day……Ahhhhhh bliss.

What are your plans post christmas? got a secret spot you want to share? Im all ears!

J x

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