Christmas Wish by BabyMac

I am sure you have all heard of Beth from BabyMac. She writes a great blog covering all aspects of her life – her move from city life to country, her escapades about town, to what she’s whipping up in the kitchen, her kids and her gorgeous home & garden. She has brought something very special to my collection of christmas lists – a white christmas. As I long for surf and sand at this time of year – she wants the absolute opposite. And I just adore it. Hope you do too, Jane x


A Dream holiday for me at the moment would be hiding out in a cottage and or castle in Scotland/Ireland/UK with Rob and the girls. I have visions of freezing cold days, endless wood piles, walks across blustery moors (might even call out to Heathcliff while I’m at it) cold champagne always on hand and lots of slow cooked, bubbling meals cooking away on an ara. I’ve always wanted to have a white christmas and this could fit the bill.

I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland and the UK countryside and have been lucky enough to have been to Ireland before where I fell in love with the country – sweeping green hills, tiny cobble stoned lane ways and gorgeous wee villages where you bunker fireside for a few ales. I’d also teleport my entire family over for a few days where we’d rent a castle and spend our days eating and drinking – long days give you the perfect excuse to wind down, read books and sleep. Long walks after long meals are just about my favourite thing to do…blasts of cold air waking you up ready for the next glass of wine, and next bowl of soup.

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