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Christmas Wish by Katrina Chambers

Last week I let you in on my own post Christmas dream and now I get to share the dreams of Katrina Chambers, aka Katrina from the Block. Katrina writes a fantastic, award winning blog that covers interiors, renovating, blog tips, decorating and the goings on of her busy family life. She also runs a blog academy which can teach all us bloggers how to ‘smash it & take your blog to the next level’. Talk about an over achiever! She has so kindly taken some time to pull together her dream post christmas getaway. She has such a gorgeous selection I dare you not to be totally inspired to take a jaunt off to an island ….. Kid free on an island? Yes please.

xmas-dream-_katrina” Daydream Island Resort & Spa. I’ve never been to Daydream Island and I think it would be the perfect place to relax and enjoy myself. Of course I’d take my husband and leave the kiddies behind. I’d want to sit by the pool being served cocktails and look forward to a massage every day. Heavenly! “

Christmas Wish

As we fly headfirst into this crazy time of year I really wanted to know what some of my favourite people are looking forward to doing over these summer holidays. There are so many wonderful, interesting and talented ladies out there doing fun things and leading up to the big day some of these ladies will be sharing with us their dream post-christmas.

xmas-dream-_jane-copyAs I mentioned, Ive recently renovated a little beach house down the coast, if I could live there I would. This summer (if it ever arrives – hello melbourne?) will be the first in the house and I cannot wait. Everyone needs to relax, unwind and recharge, and as much as I adore christmas and the traditions that surround it, I am never one to say no to a beach holiday, a cocktail and good lie down. My absolute dream break is to lay by the beach, drink something pink & enjoy time with my family. Ill be floating around in light summery dresses and popping in to some quaint little shops and cluttering my new shack to the brim! Re arranging the furniture, eating too much bbq’d food & then doing it all again the next day……Ahhhhhh bliss.

What are your plans post christmas? got a secret spot you want to share? Im all ears!

J x

Playing with Watercolour

Playing-with-Watercolour_picMy working life is ridiculous. I start in the dark, talk for hours on the radio, rush home to get myself organised to be a Mum (the most important bit) then do it all again the next day. Much the same as you, most likely…give or take the 4am alarm…

Finding time and clear head space to devote to creative stuff seems impossible, but my resolution for 2014 is to give it a crack. I’m also giving up chocolate, but that’s another post. I’ve been mucking around with the watercolours, as I’d like to introduce some new lines for ‘Salvation Jane Home’. Ceramics are on the agenda…not happy yet, but I’m well on the way.

Watch this space! Jane x

Christmas Wish by BabyMac

I am sure you have all heard of Beth from BabyMac. She writes a great blog covering all aspects of her life – her move from city life to country, her escapades about town, to what she’s whipping up in the kitchen, her kids and her gorgeous home & garden. She has brought something very special to my collection of christmas lists – a white christmas. As I long for surf and sand at this time of year – she wants the absolute opposite. And I just adore it. Hope you do too, Jane x


A Dream holiday for me at the moment would be hiding out in a cottage and or castle in Scotland/Ireland/UK with Rob and the girls. I have visions of freezing cold days, endless wood piles, walks across blustery moors (might even call out to Heathcliff while I’m at it) cold champagne always on hand and lots of slow cooked, bubbling meals cooking away on an ara. I’ve always wanted to have a white christmas and this could fit the bill.

I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland and the UK countryside and have been lucky enough to have been to Ireland before where I fell in love with the country – sweeping green hills, tiny cobble stoned lane ways and gorgeous wee villages where you bunker fireside for a few ales. I’d also teleport my entire family over for a few days where we’d rent a castle and spend our days eating and drinking – long days give you the perfect excuse to wind down, read books and sleep. Long walks after long meals are just about my favourite thing to do…blasts of cold air waking you up ready for the next glass of wine, and next bowl of soup.

Merry + Happy + Joy

sj-xmas-salvationjaneMerry Christmas to you all – I am so ready to kick back, eat and relax! Please have a safe and happy time, kiss all your loved one and take a little time out for yourself. I will see you back here next year with a million new things to show off, share and inspire you with. Can’t wait!

Jane x

Beach house salvation


Hope you are having fun & relaxing where ever you are, I am! Will show you some snapshots of my beach house when I return.

Jane x